Thursday, May 3, 2012

B-Boy For Life Trailer!

We have finally released the "B-Boy For Life" trailer on our Kickstarter campaign page and I couldn't be more excited!! 

BBOY FOR LIFE is an extremely powerful story on how the lives of break dancers in Guatemala City are affected by some of the worlds most dangerous gangs. We shed light on social justice issues that other wise might not be filmed. We're passionate about jolting viewers through a powerful and entertaining film. In the end, we raise awareness on issues few know about and that awareness can lead to many different avenues. Please check out our website to learn more about what Nadus Films is doing through its projects.

Also, please check out our kickstarter page here to learn more about the film, view pictures and learn how you can help support "B-Boy For Life" so we can bring it to theaters! 

If a donation is not within your means at this time, please spread the word about our film. Facebook it with your friends, tweet about it or post it to your website or blog. Any exposure we can get for the film will go a long way!

(***The actual trailer starts at 2:30 into the video)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

***UPDATE!! Nadus Films, Documentary and new Trampled by Turtles Video!

Wow. A lot has happened since my last post. It's been a while since my last update, but I am back on track with lots of awesome things going on at the moment!

Since my last post, I have taken a position with an incredible film company called Nadus Films. I have taken the position as their Director of Photography. Nadus Films makes documentary films all over the world, bringing to light social injustice issues and creating compelling film content.

We recently got back from Guatemala, where we tackled the issue of gang violence and the dramatic impact it has on the country. We followed around a dynamic breakdance crew who dance to stay out of gangs and share their day to day struggles in attempts to avoid violence. The footage we brought back was outstanding and the story that formed organically couldn't have been more compelling. As of now, I am in the post-production phase, but a trailer for the film is set to be released in the next couple of weeks.

Our next film is set to be produced in India. Our Director Coury Deeb is in India right now, scouting out locations and determining story content. We are scheduled to go into production early fall this year. To watch video updates of what we are up to, check out our blog posts here.

In addition to all this, I have also just finished up Trampled by Turtles 4th music video, for their new album Stars and Satellites released earlier this month. I was thrilled to watch the band make it's first national debut on the David Letterman show last night! They did amazing! They are an extremely talented band and through the years of working with the band and management, my respect and love for their music has only grown. It was a great experience to watch them as a fan and friend, kicking ass on national TV! What a great group of guys. Check out their performance on the David Letterman Show below:

This last music video we did for them, Angel and I flew to their home town of Duluth MN. We had a blast with the band as usual and were once again blown away by their humble, down to earth character and contagious integrity.

Check out their new video Angel and I did called "Alone" below or you can watch it directly from Vimeo here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Where is my Mind? TBT Cover Video

A few weeks ago, Trampled by Turtles came to me wanting me to do a video for a cover they were doing by the Pixies, "Where is my Mind?". The concept of the video is pretty simple, but intriguing. They had fans submit pictures of them holding up words to the song. I never would have guessed that they would get as many submissions as they did! I shot some live concert footage of them preforming the cover and cut together this video. Already, the video has gotten recognition as being one of the best videos of 2011 on the site! (

I can't wait to see what Trampled by Turtles has in store for the future! Such a great band!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Albuquerque First Baptist Church Video

Recently I was lucky enough to travel to Albuquerque New Mexico to make a video for a local church. I love the west and rarley get a chance to go there, so getting the chance to do a gig over there was a blessing!

Below is the first of 4 videos that I made for them:

Friday, August 26, 2011


So recently we got a new camera at work. The RED One Mysterium X. So far, this camera is phenomenal and I have only had a couple days with it. I have been running a few tests with the camera to prepare it for our shoot next week. Below is the first of several tests I put it through. I wanted to test it's low light capabilities and the camera did not disappoint. It's tough to tell from this compressed file, but judging from the uncompressed files, it seemed to me that the image started to break down at about 800 ISO. Meaning, I started to notice some minor noise in the darks. At about 1600 ISO, I started to notice significant noise in the image and would not go over 1600 ISO. 1250 is even pushing it.

Here are some of the tech specs:

Shot on RED One MX Camera.
Using an 18-85mm T2.9 RED Cinema Lens, all the way open at 2.9.
24fps, 1/48th shutter, 4K 2:1, REDCODE 42.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

D|Zoom Gear Review

The following is a review of the D|Zoom, zoom control made by D|Focus Systems.

I took this piece of kit for a spin on a recent shoot and put it through the ringer.

For more information on the D|Zoom, go to:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New wedding video...

Here is the latest wedding video we did back a few months ago. We had 3 5D's, a jib, two sliders and a glidecam on this one!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Video

Check out this wedding Kevin Bryan and I shot. We went all out and shot with 2 Canon 5D MK II's, and a Sony EX3. We also used a Kessler Cineslider and a Glidecam HD4000.

We are shooting another wedding this weekend and are including in the mix a 3rd 5D and an 8ft. Cobra Crane! It's gunna be epic!

Sara + Jonathan : Louisville Wedding from Visual Poet Studios on Vimeo.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Edge Outreach

The following is a video made for a non-profit outreach water ministry. The video was produced by City on a Hill Productions​

I edited this piece and shot some of the interviews. The rest of the footage was shot by our amazing cinematographer Kevin Bryan​visualpoetstudios

Most everything was shot on the Canon 5D Mk II, some shots were with the Sony EX3. We used a kessler cineslider for most of the interviews and an indislider for the video shot in the field.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jag35 Straight Rig Review

The JAG35 Straight Rig is an affordable shoulder mounting solution for your DSLR camera and accessories. And when combined with a smallHD monitor, they make the perfect pair.
The Jag35 straight rig utilizes industry standard, 15mm rod support, a 3lb counter weight, and a comfortable shoulder pad. Let me just start out to say that I am most familiar with working with the Zacuto double barrel rigs and Red Rock Micro support systems, so I was curious to see how the Jag35 rig would stack up. 
All the parts are quality, strong, carbon fiber parts. The clamps tighten down well and don’t slip. The only thing I found is that after putting this rig together, my fingers were sore from tightening down the thumb screws, but you run into the same problem with the Zacuto gear as well. 
I found that the 3lb counter weight wasn’t enough to counter the weight in the front, so I improvised and used a Manfrotto clamp, coupled with my BeachTech DXA-5DA to help distribute the weight.
I love having a top handle. Not only is it nice to have a place to pick up the rig, but having a top handle helps when shooting low angles.
I really like how Jag35 listened to their customers and addressed the base plate slipping problem. Jag35 easily addressed this problem by installing small pins to keep your DSLR in place and keep it from slipping.
The only other problem I had with the DSLR stand is the mounting screw is tricky to lock down tight and even trickier to unlock. However, I heard a rumor that Jag35 knows about the issue and are coming up with a solution. 
I also bought a D|Focus V3 follow focus with my rig. I did a lot of research and decided to go with the D|Focus because it is not only affordable, but it is a well constructed follow focus at 1/5th of the price. 
I have used zacuto follow focuses, red rock micro follow focuses and the top of the line arri follow focus and I can tell you after using the D|Focus that the price difference between all of these is not worth it. 
The D|Focus does everything a follow focus should do minus a few luxuries. The main difference I found was that the D|Focus knob doesn’t turn as freely as the more expensive ones, which isn’t a big deal. The only other thing that would be nice is if the D|Focus had an adjustable marking pin for setting your focus points.
I was surprised to find that the Jag35 Straight Rig can hold it’s own against the

Sunday, February 27, 2011

HDR Video Test Update

If you read my last post, you know I am currently trying new things with HDR video. I feel like I am getting closer to the results I am looking for.

Check out my latest video test below.

I added a mask to her eyes to exaggerate the green and really make them pop!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HDR Video Tests

So I have been doing a lot of tests here lately in my spare time and hopefully I will be able to implement one or two in my next project.

The one below, is an experiment I have been trying with HDR (High Dynamic Rang) video. Most of us have heard of HDR pictures where everything in the shot is perfectly exposed and beautiful. A lot of people are trying to implement this technique in video and some are getting pretty close.

Ideally, one would want to use two cameras, rigged up in such a way where they are both recording the exact same image only one camera is set to capture the image with darker settings and the other with over exposed settings. However, I do not have two cameras, so I am experimenting in post with color correction techniques. Editing in After Effects, I was pretty surprised to get the results that I did!

Here are some examples of what I came up with. Click on the images to see the detail in each:

This first shot is the control. It has no color correction at all and is strait out of the camera.

This next shot I tried to bring out as much detail as possible. There is a lot more information brought out in the mids and highlights, but we still loose a lot of info in the shadows.

I took it even a step further in this shot and really tried to bring out everything I could. You can tell that it's starting to look a little un-natural in this one, but also notice that we have more detail in her hair and the shadows.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TBT Victory Music Video FINALLY released!

Remember a while back when I shot a music video for TBT's Victory track? Well, I can finally say that it has been released to the world and can finally post it on my blog for all to see!

It came out looking great, but it was a ton of work to make. Never underestimate how much work goes into making a stop motion video. LOTS of work, although the rewards are great! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bridge Music video

A few weeks ago, I shot a music video for The Bridge. Since then it has been released along with their new album National Bohemian. The video was also featured on Street Date.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nellie Mckay

On the 25th, I had the pleasure of shooting a live performance of Nellie Mckay at a private members only show at the local radio station WFPK.

She is a very talented artist and has a charming personality that's imposible to resist. She performed several songs, but I chose a couple of my favorite to feature in the video.

Check out more of her music here:

Enjoy the show!